Bowl for a Child


October 18, 2003


Goldy’s Gameroom
Coffman Union
University of Minnesota

Net Funds Raised


Bowl for a Child was yet another successful fundraising event that Vibha-MN hosted. We booked all fourteen lanes in Goldy’s Gameroom between 7:00pm and 10:00pm.  We priced tickets at $17 for advance sales, $15 for advance sales to students and $20 for everyone at the gate.  The price included shoe rental, pizza and pop. We sold 72 tickets, most of them in advance.

The day of the event turned out to be an unusually nice late fall day in the Twin Cities.  Many people came in big groups and were assigned a lane for themselves.  The rest joined smaller groups.  The venue was wonderful; everyone enjoyed being there (and the pizzas too!).  Most volunteers were present.  We got a chance to talk about Vibha and its mission of helping underprivileged children. Many attendees showed interest in Vibha’s activities and signed up for our mailing list; quite a few also expressed an interest in volunteering. 

Most people who bought tickets for the event were personally known to at least one of the volunteers. There were not many “complete strangers”, suggesting that we were unable to reach out to a large section of community. In future we need to find more effective ways to publicize this event.

Overall, it was a successful event, both in terms of generating revenues and creating awareness.



Source of Revenue




Ticket sales


Bowling lanes rental




Pizza and soda






Net Revenue