Snow Tubing


February 21, 2004


Green Acres Recreation
Lake Elmo, MN

Net Funds Raised


Vibha-MN made a reservation for 25 people at Green Acres for two hours. We had to ensure that we could get at least 25 people to participate. This was the minimum number required to avail of the group rate of $8.50/person as opposed to the regular rate of $12/person. We decided to sell the tickets at $15 so that we could make a reasonable net amount. We had to convince the participants that they were paying slightly over the regular cost to help a child in need.

The weather was perfect for the event – 40 F under bright sunshine. Thanks to primarily word-of-mouth publicity by the volunteers, we sold 41 tickets and had an excellent turnout. Most participants were friends and colleagues of the volunteers. Eleven people paid for the ticket but did not actually snow tube so the whole $15 went towards the net amount.  At the end, we distributed free Vibha pocket calendars and informational brochures to the participants. Overall, it was a relatively low effort event with good returns, both in terms of generating awareness and raising funds. And, everybody had fun!



Source of Revenue




Ticket sales

41 x $15.00

Ticket purchases

29 x $8.50 +1 x $6.00





Net Revenue