What Does Snow Tubing Involve?

Vibha patrons and volunteers demonstrate...(a must-read for first-timers)

To start things off, you will be given a sticker ticket and a wire with which to hook it onto your jacket.  Remember to attach the wire to your jacket FIRST and THEN stick the ticket onto it. We know from prior experience that doing it the other way is not possible.  If you forget this important detail, you will either have to incur the wrath of the ticket seller, or depend on the ingenuity of your friends to rescue you.

Now, pick a tube.  They all look alike, except that the kids' tubes are smaller, so this is not the hard part.   Join  the experienced snow tubers in line.

When you reach the head of the line, you will be faced with a rope dragging itself up to the top of the hill via a pulley system.  Jump onto your tube face down, and hold on to the rope for dear life so that it can take you with it to the top.  In my opinion, THIS is the hard part.

THIS is where you (and the rope) are headed. Once you get here, let go of the rope, gently now, and pick your tube and yourself off the snow with as much dignity as you can muster.  You have reached the halfway mark!

Now simply sit or lie down on your tube and come sliding down the snow.  Insider's tip: free ride on your friends - it's safe and effective!

The end result is...

All that remains is for you to pick yourself and your tube up and clear out of the way before the next batch of enthusiastic tubers comes crashing down onto you.  That's it, you're done!  Seemed like your idea of fun? Get into line again and repeat as desired! 

Not convinced that tubing is your thing?  Well, you can always use your tube to sit around and "chill out" with friends!