Cook for Kids
January 14, 2006

About Jeremiah program

The Jeremiah Program provides housing, childcare and support to low-income, single women with children under the age of four. The program is designed to assist mothers to complete their education and achieve economic self-sufficiency. They do this by providing mothers with access to affordable housing, childcare, health care, support services and meaningful employment. The women receive assistance in moving from economic dependency to economic self-sufficiency through access to education, employment and improved life skills. The Jeremiah Program offers the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem and clarify their values on which they will build a successful life.

     Jeremiah's 'Cook For Kids' program provides a perfect opportunity for Vibha-MN to show that we care. On January 14, 2006, Vibha volunteers are cooking breakfast for the children in Jeremiah with all the right ingredients, enthusiasm,
empathy and dollops of love.